THE LITTLE BOOK ON FORGIVING-A Surrender in 7 Steps Toward Peace and Freedom by Rick Kitzman

Can we really make an entire book about forgiving, you ask? The answer is yes to my own surprise. Rick Kitzman understands the value of the word forgiveness having done his own homework about it. And yes this book doesn’t only explain its value but gives you the tools to achieve it.

Rick is HIV positive which makes him an unexpected author on this subject. But he is absolutely not angry or sad about his condition and actually considers it a blessing since it opened new doors in his own consciousness, hence the forgiveness process.

It doesn’t matter who or what you need to forgive. It can be only yourself. I found this book to be of great help to myself and I had more to forgive than I realized. I felt much better after finishing it. The exercises in it help a lot and are very simple. Take the time to immerse yourself in this book and you’ll come to understand the power of forgiving what hurt you (whether it is a person, an institution, a race… whatever).

This is an easy read, simple and straight to the point. It’s not moralistic or technical and it talks to your own heart. In all, a very nice book for you or as a gift to someone dear.

The Little Book on Forgiving at and at HALF.COM

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