THE SECRET YEARS by Margot Dalton

As I was going through this book, which by the way was driving me crazy, I couldn’t help thinking: « It’s about reincarnation! It’s about reincarnation! And the author is not even conscious she’s writing about it ».

Take 2 women, Kate Daniels, a carrier-oriented modern woman from the 90’s and Hellen Livingston, a schoolteacher at the turn of the century; place them in similar settings and make them meet a man by the name of Cameron, one being the great-grandfather of the other, and you have a beautiful story of Love (with a capital L), accomplishment and real life in the west.

I read this novel in 2 days. I loved every moment of it. Every time Kate opened Ellen’s 100 year old diary and read more about her, I could feel their lives getting more entertwinned.

Even though the author never alludes to the idea that Kate could be the reincarnation of Ellen and Nathan, Joshua’s, somehow I couldn’t help thinking it was the case. I am still excited just writing about it. This is so rare nowadays to find a story that even hints at the possibility that it got me hooked to this particular one enthusiastically.

This book reminded me of 3 other great stories I loved in the past. « Somewhere In Time » by the great Richard Matheson was the beautiful love-story that later on became this georgous classic movie with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. Another movie I loved tremendously openely told about reincarnation and even defended it. It proved that True Love cannot die. It was « Eternity » with/co-written by Jon Voigt, a movie from the 70’s which is one of Jon Voight’s least known movie. It is definitely my favorite on the other hand. The last story this book reminded me off is an amateur fan-fiction story called « Murder on the Moor » based on a famous british cop show from the ’70’s but set in an alternate universe in the Victorian area. I can hardly talk about it since it’s not a famous novel but this story was the most beautiful love story I have ever read in my life. Nothing has topped it…yet.

This is what « The Secret Years » reminded me off. So I give a big thumb up to Margot Dalton for having captured the best of those stories and at the same time, made it new and fresh. I grabbed this book and barely put it down in 2 days. It was just so enticing. The characters were marvelous and Joshua/Nathan was a dream in the vain of Christopher Reeve in « Somewhere In Time ». I urge every woman to read it and be transported by it.

I mentioned earlier that this book drove me crazy. Indeed. For one thing, you don’t have to wait until the end of the book for Nathan to say to Kate that he loves her (such a sweet moment of the story). Just like his « ancestor », he falls for the lady immediately and the attraction between them is palpable. Almost from the start, he makes his feelings clear but she is the one resisting because she just got divorced and is afraid of losing her independence to another man again. Although I understand her position, I am still wondering how she can resist this man’s charms so stubornely. He is just so damn irresistible, I couldn’t resist!

Ok, back to real life. It’s probably my longest review even since I’ve started this website. You guys should read some romance sometimes and maybe you would be able to figure us women better and also understand our needs better. So be it! I said it!

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