THE MASKED MAN by B.J. Daniels

She is doing it again! She is reviewing a romance novel! Well, you should know by now.
I came upon The Masked Man as I was on my way to North Carolina. With 1 day and 16 hours of travel on my hands, something had to fill up my time. And it did! I’ve read that novel in only a few hours. A real page turner.
Jill Lawson is a young independent woman who’s engaged to a rich (but boring obviously) guy. She thinks she loves him when they have sex in a cabin in complete dark… until she realises it wasn’t him who slepped with her (she couldn’t see him in the dark, doh!). This is the beginning of a very good intrigue for her (and us) as she is being accused of murder and finds herself having to solve the murder of her fiancé and multiple disappearances with a P.I., Mac Cooper, who turns out to be the mystery lover!
For once, I found the balance between intrigue and romance to be excellent. The puzzle of the murder mystery is nicely unfolded as the story goes on and the romance side is all the more enticing. Maybe I am not very smart but I honestly didn’t guess the solution until the end.
And, of course, the character of Mac Cooper is as sexy and tough as any romance lover can hope.
B.J. Daniels is very good at mixing intrigue and romance as I remember tremendously enjoying one of her previous books (« Mystery Bride »). Now, when you are hooked on one author, what do you do? You go buy his other books!
Higly recommended.


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