THE ROSWELL UFO CRASH: What they don’t want you to know –  by Karl K. KORFF

In this very interesting book, author Karl Korff tries very hard and often succeeds at proving the numerous hoaxes surrounding the « Roswell Incident ».

The author bases his research on thorough scientific evidences linking the Roswell debris discovered by rancher « Mac » Brazel and a now declassified project code-named Mogul. Karl Korff is very convincing in debunking the claims of flying saucer crash and E.T. bodies many UFO researchers firmly believe in.

I do think though that he takes an extreme path in ignoring more « supernatural » facts to the benefit of hard-core scientific studies. It is even irritating to note that all the supposed witnesses in the Roswell business are obviously liers. I agree that most of them have capitalized on the subject’s fame for money and to get their names in history books. But to say that all of them are liers is pushing it a bit too much (there isn’t one telling the truth if you believe the author). Obviously, he is the only one telling the truth. Now, I commend his thorough search of the truth regarding Roswell but I don’t like his negativity regarding the work of other UFO researchers.

However, for anybody who’s rather sceptic about the whole affair of Roswell, this book is remarkable in his pursuit of the « real » truth.

I highly recommend it.

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