Victoria Sorenson married Jamie Malone thirteen years ago in order to give him his green card in exchange for $5,000.00 dollars she badly needed at the time. Thirteen years later, Vickie is the talented owner of an antique gallery and just can’t wait to marry her sophisticated partner Graham Townsend.

Unfortunately, in order for her to marry the elegant Graham, she has to secretly divorce Jamie. She tracks him down and brings the divorce papers to him. Jamie, however, seeing her for the first time in thirteen years, is not in a hurry to divorce her and tries very hard to have her change her mind concerning the « too perfect » Mr. Townsend.

I liked this novel although it wasn’t the best one I’ve ever read. However, I fell (like Vickie) for the character of Jamie Malone and his wonderful Irish charm (and also that adorable dog of his: Beasley). And, for a change, the author didn’t create the king of all macho types to give a hard time to her leading lady (although sometimes, we like those, don’t we?). No, Jamie Malone is just the kind of guy to mellow my heart: Tall, handsome, artistic and intelligent. Where is he???? Oops, forgot it was a novel! Oh well, just read it, ladies! It will give you a good time. And, by all means, you can happily hate Graham Townsend. I just won’t tell you why.

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