Sara Douglass is known the world over for her fantasy series. I will admit this is the first book I’ve ever read from her. I like to try authors I don’t know.

Beyond the hanging wall is an interesting story of suffering and freedom. The young prince Maximilian Persimius, rightful heir to the throne of Escator was kidnapped at the age of 14 and was considered dead for 17 years until a young healer’s apprentice (the son of the man who knew the prince as a child) finds him down the « Veins », a horrific mining facility whose workers are all condemned man.

There are some few good twists in this story but not many. I was a bit disappointed by the slow pace of the story in some parts of it. But Sara Douglass depicts a universe and characters compelling enough to want to read it to the end.

I particularly recommend the ending which I loved as I felt like leaving a nightmare for a fairy tale. Very beautiful. Overhaul, it is a good book worth reading.

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