THE WAYFARER REDEMPTION – The Axis Trilogy, Book 1 by Sara Douglass

In this epic first part (of over 600 pages!), Australian Sara Douglass embarks us on the prophecy of the Destroyer. The Acharites have always lived in the belief of their God Artor and the Way of the Plough but now, their world is turned upside down when they discover that everything was based on lies.

Axis, Battle Axe leader, has grown up as the bastard son of Queen Rivkah who died giving birth to him and an unknown father. He is hated by his half-brother, Borneheld, anxious to marry Axis’ beloved Faraday. Faraday is a noble woman who is forced to marry Borneheld to fulfill the prophecy but secretely loves and protects Axis.

The Acharites also believe that the Forbidden and forests are evil and have destroyed and pushed them away centuries ago but they are now faced with the Destroyer and will have to unite with their « enemies », Winged people Icarii and Horned People, the Avar, in order to elimitate the threat.

In the process, Axis and Faraday discover that they are not what they thought they were and have to start a process of personal rebirth into their real identities.

This book is a superb epic and it’s only the beginning as the author leaves us on a cliffhanger which promises more surprises. I was reminded of the likes of Terry Goodkind and J.R.R. Tolkien in the scope of the story. It’s a beautiful beginning novel which I highly recommend to Fantasy lovers.

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