AFTER SUNDOWN by Amanda Ashley

If you are into Vampires like I am, you should enjoy this book. If you are into romances, you should also enjoy this book. I never read a horror/romance mixed novel before and, this one being the first, I am quite happy with it.

Edward Ramsey is an ex-vampire hunter turned vampire by his former nemesis Chiavari. While struggling with his new « life », he falls in love with a suicidal mortal woman Kelly. Arrives Khira, a powerful undead set on getting Los Angeles rid of all competition as she goes on to kill every vampire in town (and lots of mortals in the process). Chiavari and his mortal wife, Marisa (Ramsey’s ex-love), Ramsey and Kelly have to join forces to get rid of Khira in order to live a somewhat normal life.

Granted, the story is not exceptional and the writing is far from Shakespeare but that’s not the goal when reading it. I enjoyed the characters’ struggle with their vampire natures. On top of that, everybody is trying to be a « good » vampire by sparing the victims a horrible death.

It reminded me of Buffy when Angel or Spike suddenly regained their souls and tried to be the « good » guys and started rampaging the city and getting it rid of the « bad » guys. It’s similar in this book except the vampire guys are older and fully in love with their human/vampire lovers.

Amanda Ashley does a good job of revitalizing the romance genre with this cool twist. I recommend.

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