AFFAIR by Amanda Quick (Aka Jayne Anne Krentz)

For Charlotte Arkendale, life was about making inquiries into the lives of supposedly respectful gentlemen as a paid service for women wanting to marry. When one of her clients is being murdered, Charlotte hires Baxter St.-Ives as her man-of-affair to help her and, reluctantly, teams-up with him when he just doesn’t want to obey her instructions. The two, of course, fall in love.

Amanda Quick has numerous best-sellers to prove that she knows how to take readers on a page-turner ride. I enjoyed the regency ambiance of the book with that touch of revolutionary female liberation (as seen through the character of Charlotte) and the sex seems quite daring for regency characters. I found Baxter St.-Ives to be in fact very sexy behind his seemingly dull surface.

I turned the pages very quickly wanting our two detectives to get together quickly and annoy a few people on the way. Recommended for late night readings.

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