RADIANT SEAS – Book 3 in the Saga of the Skolian Empire – by Catherine ASARO

Sozcauny Valdoria and Jaibriol Quox II are again the heroes of this novel which directly follows Primary Inversion. Jaibriol and Soz are now in exile on the newly renamed Prism, a planet found by the Allied President on which they can hide. The planet proves difficult to adapt to at first but the two lovers are resourceful. They spend the next 15 years together on the planet and manage to have 4 kids. The first born being Jaibriol Quox Skolia III whose part in this book and future books will be very important.

In the meanwhile, the Aristos capture Soz’s brother Althor who is now the imperator after Kurj gets killed taking the Emperor of Eube with him. They discover, through a young woman provider Cirrus, that Jaibriol is not dead and is on Prism. The Traders set to recapture their emperor and succeed. Soz, in typical fashion, goes back with the children to Earth, has a former in law Seth Rockford protect them and goes after the Traders as the new Imperator of Skolia.

I loved that particular episode of the saga. I couldn’t let the book down and just enjoyed to see what was going to happen with Jaibriol, Soz and the children. The way the story progresses is suspenseful and exciting. Catherine Asaro has delivered one of my favorites in the series. I read it twice and will read it again.

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