Bob Woodward is almost a legend in journalism nowadays. We all know his work with Carl Bernstein during the Watergate scandal involving President Nixon. I had to get this book on the Bush Administration. I must confess not having read the previous two parts of « Bush at War » but I couldn’t resist Part III.

Reading this book was like getting a report on the administration. Bob Woodward interviewed many people including President Bush and Don Rumsfeld but he also had access to a large number of archives and official memos and notes from inside the administration. Which makes this book all the more frightening in its description of the Bush Administration. From the days leading to 9/11 and the war in Iraq to the current (late 2006) status of the insurgency, this book describes it all. It feels like reading a fiction. Unfortunately, it is not one. Bob Woodward as is the reader reading his accounts is appalled at the total incompetence of our leaders where it’s from the decision made at the White House and the Pentagon to Paul Bremer while presiding for one year in Iraq.

At the same time, it shows clearly the constant state of denial of every « upbeat » speeches Bush makes and how good the administration is at piling lies. If you want an inside look at the administration and its Iraq policies, this book is for you. This is serious work done by a serious journalist. I couldn’t ask more from Bob Woodward.


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