In this fascinating book by Natural Resources Defense Council’s Senior Attorney Robert Kennedy Jr, we learn about the full extent of the Bush administration’s anti-environmental agenda starting with the dismantling of every bit of Bill Clinton era’s environmental laws like, for example, anti-mercury laws.

I couldn’t help but feel more and more anger at each page as the author describes the most destructive policies Bush an his cronies have put in place to favor their big industry buddies and pocket millions of dollars in return. But the author doesn’t stop there and also makes the case against the role of the corporate media and its power to distort important news about our environment and our health and shows how much in bed with government it has become.

Robert Kennedy Jr. goes as far as comparing the current administration’s policies with fascist Italy (Mussolini) and Nazi Germany (Herman Goering’s propaganda machine) and he is not alone. Thom Hartmann of Air America Radio has also been doing a very convincing parallel on his show and his books (see « What would Jefferson Do? »).

This is a very important book which must be read in order to appreciate how we are losing our democracy and the beauty of our environment by wasting time on « American Idol » instead of getting involved with our democracy. If we continue on this path, the right-wingers/polluters will always win.


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