The Earth First! Reader – Ten Years of Radical Environmentalism

What a refreshing perspective on the environmental movement. There are many days when I feel the « mainstream » big ten environmental groups are not TOUGH enough on fighting for the Earth and the Animals that I want to yell. When I read this anthology, I wanted to send it to them and remind them of their DUTY as protectors of the Earth. I am disgusted by the sellouts and do appreciate reading about the more « radical » approaches of the Earth-First! « warriors ».

Also, I wasn’t too familiar with this group. Paul Watson was by far the one I knew from Sea Shepherd and I have admired his stance to denounce Greenpeace’s politicization and caving in to political crap. I also admired his gutsy interventions against whalers and so on…

But Earth First! was more than radicals. I believe they helped open my eyes to deep ecology and its concept. I have always known that everything is connected on this planet. If something is disturbed, it will affect something else as well. The anthology presents articles of great interest and explains deep ecology in a simple and meaningful way. It also relates some of the struggles the organization has experienced over the years and gives an account of some of their actions (like Paul Watson’s which I loved!).

By the way, the version I’ve read is an old edition. The updates date back from the 90’s only. I don’t know if there is a new, more updated, version on sale right now. However, even dated, this book is a must read for any SERIOUS environmentalist disgusted with the present situation. It certainly breezed some fresh air to me.


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