APPETITE FOR PROFIT-How The Food Industry Undermines our Health and How to Fight Back – by M. SIMON

In this brilliant expose on the « food » industry, MICHELE SIMON gives a thorough description of the tactics and lies which corporations use to impose their destructive diets on the American people. She gives extensive details on how corporations manipulate children in schools (by providing Soda vending machines), in supermarket (product place in eyesight of children) and on television (adds on shows like Coke in « American Idol »). She talks about what she calls « Nutriwashing » (similar to « greenwashing » for the environment) or how corporations excel at making people believe that their foods are healthy while at the same time fighting any legislations to curtain their practices.

This is indeed a very corrupt system in which this giant companies « own » many politicians to keep the status quo. They maintain people in ignorance of what’s in their food by lobbying against any labeling laws (therefore eliminating any « inconvenient » description of their unhealthy contents). How is a low income family living in a neighborhood with only McDonald’s in sight could possibly make healthier choices if even their own schools also promote unhealthy sodas and snacks.

Corporations are psychotic entities (as brilliantly exposed in the wonderful documentary « The Corporation »). They don’t care about you, me or even our children (which is even worse). They are only about one thing: Their bottom line. And if aggressively marketing bad products to people, while pretending to be « part of the solution to the obesity problem », helps them increase profits, then so be it!

Michele Simon’s book is also an excellent tool to dissect corporate lingo around the issues of health and she provides a great list of front groups used by corporations (like the « Center for Consumer Freedom » which is NOT about consumers at all but backs up its corporate masters).

This book is evidently the result of years of research into the corporate behavior. I can feel someone who has been fighting to bring a honest voice to the discussion and is still trying her best to wake up people and legislators. It certainly opens the mind to corporate lies. I don’t think anyone reading this book (unless he/she saw « The Corporation ») will look at General Mills, Cargill, Pepsi Co, Coke and McDonald’s the same way.


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