SKINNY BITCH – By Kim Barnouin & Rory Freedman

Please do not be offended by this book, it is really GOOD FOR YOU! Yes, I am vegan and therefore I don’t need to be converted to veganism. However, reading this book seriously reminded me of what other bad habits I really need to let go off. On the other hand, if you have only a passing interest for the cause (yes cause!), this is one of the best introduction to the Vegan lifestyle that you can get.

These two girls surely speak their minds. I thought it was the most refreshing read I had done in a long time. I also understand why it became a bestseller. It’s got that « je ne sais quoi » quality which sets it apart. Although they shoot the arguments in your face by using sentences like « your fat because you eat crap! Don’t expect to lose weight drinking Aspartame sodas twice a day! »  (I am just paraphrasing but at least somebody finally said it without being shy), it is in fact a necessary evil. They are not here (neither Am I) to be nice on people’s ego and selfishness in regards to animal issues. Rory and Kim’s book is not about pleasing you ego by telling you that you can eat meat once in a while. You QUIT IT! period. Meat is evil. It’s dead carcasses rotting in your stomach for God’s sake! I couldn’t agree more.

But they don’t stop there and actually back everything they say with serious resources, studies and science. It’s not just a « bitchy » book to slap your face about your disgusting habits. There is a reason why these are not good for you and it’s elaborated there in the book. And in case they don’t convince you to go at least vegetarian if not vegan, there is a segment of the book with actual descriptions (by real people) of the disgusting practices performed on animals in factory farms. Now, after reading all this, whoever completely continues with his/her habits of ignoring the fate of animals by stuffing himself/herself with their dead bodies, or keep on stealing the milk from the cows or ignoring that some sentient beings are still slaves is, in my opinion, an asshole!




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