This seemingly mainstream looking bestseller was actually a nice surprise and came up, I must admit, at the right time in my life. Kathy Freston takes a good look at our health and wellness and deconstructs a number of myths one at a time. She goes into details about the emotional side of our bad habits without being preachy or condescending and therefore brings a fresh look to the concept of the whole being (which she calls « quantum wellness »).

My big surprise in reading this book was her emphasis on the vegan lifestyle and its benefits. I am so glad that a « mainstream » self-help book finally addresses what I have known for a while. She does not hesitate to promote a body cleanse devoid of any animal products (which no other self-help book I know has done). And she not only recommends it but backs up the argument with solid information. Speaking of cleansing, I also love her description of how to decluter a living space. I got rid of a lot of stuff and definitely felt better in the process.

However, the core message of her book is about « living consciously ». This is a new and fresh concept for a wellness book. I haven’t seen that before. I involves being aware of the impact of how we live and how we eat at all levels: production (workers), the animals and the environment. When we eat « right » and do some good at the same time, we not only help the planet as a whole but it also lifts us physically and psychologically. I know, from personal experience, that if I eat fair-trade products, I made a difference in the life of local people, if I eat vegan (always), I spare animals needless suffering and death and if I eat organic, I spare more pollution to the Earth. It feels good to do the right thing and this is what Kathy Freston’s message really is.  Read her description of a typical « omnivorous » diet and her story of the chicken and you will feel all the more better for not taking part in this system. I know I do. This book is also a very useful tool to promote veganism and a great gift idea for non-vegans and vegans alike. It is not preachy or critical and nicely disguises itself into a regular wellness book which makes it palatable also to the hard core meat eaters.

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