A Vegan Day in San Diego

Between October 26 and October 30, I had to travel to San Diego for a work seminar. As it turned out, not having a vehicle, I decided that Greyhound would be a nice option as well as local taxis to see the sights. I didn’t want to waste my time on figuring out local public transportation as, really, I was left with only 1 day to see San Diego. So before I left I made a small list of a few places to visit while there and it was well worth it. 

After 2 days of boring tax seminars (lol), I had my trip well planned for the final 3rd day. So I got up early, got in a taxi and headed for one of the two Loving Huts Restaurants which grace San Diego. I picked the one located on El Cajon Blvd. I was greeted by the sound of Suprememastertv on arrival and a very polite staff. I immediately looked at the menu. It was really hard to choose. Everything looked wonderful. I decided to have enough to eat on location but also take some food to go. I started with Cheese Bread (Toasted bread with vegan cheese, vegan mayonnaise, soy « ham » and onion). It was so good, i asked for a second serving. Absolutely delicious. To that I added Lucky Lemon Grass (Veggie Fillet, lemongrass, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, cilantro, carrots with homemade dressing served with streamed brown rice with sesame seed) and was ready to die of pleasure! I had to drink something and got a Cranberry Cooler (boy did it cool me!) and ended up the meal with Cheese Cake. Probably one of the best cheese cake I’ve had in ages. All this was very reasonably priced and i had enough leftover to take with me and eat for dinner. 

After stuffing myself with culinary delights, I was lucky to find out that the store I had wanted to visit in San Diego was only a few blocks away. So I took my leftovers with me and headed towards All Vegan on Park Blvd. As of this writing, I do not know if All Vegan has actually closed down. When I visited, I talked to the person in charge that day who told me that, sadly, it was supposed to close down for Christmas 2011. There is always a lot of sadness when a Vegan business closes down for various reasons. We are all struggling to get the Vegan lifestyle and philosophy out there. All Vegan boosted numerous products for sale from Recycled Eco Handbags (I bought a gorgeous purse from Reveal made out of Recycled Polyester which comes from old plastic bottles), shoes, stickers, t-shirts, vitamins (got some B12 vitamins), etc…. It would have been advantageous for this store to get online sales going but…. I am not the store owner. Thank you All Vegan for your service to the Vegan San Diego community though. 


After leaving All Vegan, I walked a block and found a very nice Buddhist Bookstore called Buddha’s Light. It is the San Diego chapter of the Buddha’s Light International Association. They have tons of books, incense, various Buddhist items. I left with a little statuette of Buddha to add to my altar at home.


After walking and visiting all these places, I got back on a taxi and asked the driver to take me to a nice beach close by. It took longer than I thought but got to a very nice area boardwalk facing the ocean. It was a beautiful day. I stopped by a small outlet and got a smoothie with a shot of wheatgrass (which I had purchased in a liquor store near Buddha’s Light!) and kept walking. I met a nice woman who became my guide for the next hour or so. She took me back inside the city to a great inner lake area of San Diego where people relax and little boats are frequent. What is also frequent apparently are weddings right there and then. We were not there 5 mns that we were witnesses to a live wedding! She then took me inside the Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa. I want to stay there next time I am in San Diego! The place is beautiful and it has inner gardens which look a bit like a jungle. Ducks peacefully swim on the water inside the garden. It is amazing! I saw at least 6 different species of happy looking ducks. She explained that it can get crowded by people wanting to see them but that mostly, they have a lot of peace. I left this place with regret and got back to the boardwalk after thanking my impromptu guide for such a good time. 

After this great day, I went back to the Crown Plaza Hotel where I was staying and rested in my hotel room. I savored my remaining Loving Hut food. Before checking out the next morning, it occurred to me that I should treat myself to a nice massage that the hotel was providing. So I met with a real cool British massage lady who wrapped me up in aromatherapy towels smelling absolutely wonderful of herbs and essential oils. She then proceeded to give me a full body massage. Let me tell you, after a long year of work, that was heaven! 

After this great ending, I gathered my stuff, jumped back in a taxi, then to the Greyhound station. I went back home feeling really great and with the feeling of having done a lot in one day.